This first era of rock and roll dates (more or less) from Eisenhower’s first election in 1952 to The British Invasion in 1964. Doo wop was a signature sound with its beautiful vocal harmonies, beat, and nonsense syllables, but there was a lot of pioneering going on with rhythm and blues, rock and roll, rockabilly, and crossovers from country music. That’s why we go beyond the doo wop genre per se and explore those years. Each blog post is just a mosaic. When put together, the posts start to provide a picture of the time. Please visit the Rec Room for a featured record on the record player, a TV with four channels, and a jukebox with 60+ songs. We have an all request Juke Box Saturday night in the rec room each weekend so you can hear your favorites from the 50s and 60s. There is also a Daily Doo Wop for videos of those golden oldies.

October 3, 2016
Retro Recipe of Orange Fluff Jell-O Salad

Orange Fluff Jell-O Salad

Retro Dessert Recipes So what was with all of those Jello-O salads back in the day? Jello-O salads are not in vogue so much anymore (although […]
August 31, 2016
Coconut Cream Pie Recipe

How About a Coconut Cream Pie?

Retro Dessert Recipes This is not going to be the kind of pie that comedians would push into someone’s face. Those were usually mock-up pies from […]
January 8, 2015
The Shirley Temple was a popular non-alcoholic cocktail for kids

The Shirley Temple and The Roy Rogers Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Retro Recipes for Children The 1950s were a time of increasing prosperity for Americans – and for baby boomers. Parents had some discretionary income to go […]
October 29, 2014
Beef Stroganoff uses lots of beef and dairy products

Beef Stroganoff

Retro Recipes Even though Beef Stroganoff has its origins earlier than 19th-century Russia, it takes its name from Count Pavel Stroganoff, who was part of 19th-century […]