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May 12, 2018
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May 17, 2018
Chuck Berry Roll Over Beethoven

Rock and Roll

Chuck Berry wrote the song and released it in 1956. It went to #29 on the U.S. Pop Chart and #7 on the R&B Chart. There have been a number of releases by Berry himself as well as many, many  covers (e.g., Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beatles, the Electric Light Orchestra, Leon Russell, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Gene incent, Johnny Winter). Rolling Stone magazine lists “Roll Over Beethoven” among the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song was also chosen by the Library of Congress to add to the National Recording Registry.

Chuck Berry (b. October 18, 1926) is a  rock and roll legend and music pioneer.  His song “Johnny B. Goode” is considered to be a national treasure. NASA sent a copy of the song on the Voyager space probe as part of a package representing  some of the best things  in American culture.

Here are the lyrics to “Roll Over Beethoven” by Chuck Berry:

Well, I’m gonna write a little letter,
Gonna mail it to my local DJ
Yes, it’s a rockin’ rhythm record
I want my jockey to play
Roll over Beethoven, I gotta hear it again today

You know, my temperature’s risin’
And the jukebox blowi’ a fuse
My heart’s beatin’ rhythm
And my soul keep on singin’ the blues
Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news

I got the rockin’ pneumonia,
I need a shot of rhythm and blues
I caught the rollin’ arthritis
Sittin’ down at a rhythm review
Roll over Beethoven, they  rockin’ in two by two

Well, if you feel it and  like it
Go get your lover, then reel and rock it
Roll it over  then move on up just
A trifle further then  reel and rock with one another
Roll over Beethoven dig these rhythm and blues

Well, early in the mornin’ I’m a-givin’ you a warnin’
Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes
Hey diddle diddle, I am playin’ my fiddle,
Ain’t got nothin’ to lose
Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news

You know she wiggles like a glow worm,
Dance like a spinnin’ top
She got a crazy partner,
You oughta see ’em reel and rock
Long as she got a dime the music won’t never stop

Roll over Beethoven,
Roll over Beethoven,
Roll over Beethoven,
Roll over Beethoven,
Roll over Beethoven,  dig these rhythm and blues

For more songs by Chuck Berry: “Almost Grown” and “Maybellene.” Berry’s song “You Never Can Tell” is on Pass the Paisley, which is The Daily Doo Wop’s sister site.

If you are interested in an album by Chuck Berry, please click on the photo below:

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