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February 19, 2018
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February 20, 2018

Don’t Be Cruel by Elvis Presley

"Don't Be Cruel" by Elvis Presley 45 rpm

Rock and Roll

The year is 1956. “Don’t Be Cruel” was written by Otis Blackwell, who was having success at the time with Little Willie John’s “Fever.” Elvis Presley recorded the song at the RCA studios in New York City. The story goes that there were 28 takes that helped the song to evolve to have an off-hand kind of feel. Guitarist Scotty Moore came in during the beginning and the end. Gordon Stoker of The Jordanaires sang a duet with Elvis on the chorus. Drummer D.J. Fontana played the back of Elvis’ leather-covered guitar with a mallet to get a snare effect. The song was released in July, 1956, as the A-Side with “Hound Dog” as the B-Side (another song for Elvis that became a monster hit and signature song). And the rest is rock and roll history. “Don’t Be Cruel” went to #1 on the Billboard Top 100, R&B, and Country charts. Over the years, it has been awarded RIAA 4x multi-platinum status. It is on Rolling Stone’s list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

Here are the lyrics:

You know I can be found, sittin’ home all alone
If you can’t come around, at least please telephone
Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true

Baby, if I made you mad for somethin’ I might’ve said
Please, let’s forget the past, the future looks bright ahead
Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true
I don’t want no other love, baby, it’s just you I’m thinkin’ of

Hmm, don’t stop thinkin’ of me, don’t make me feel this way
Come on over here and love me, you know what I want you to say
Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true
Why should we be apart, I really love you, baby, cross my heart

Let’s walk up to the preacher and let us say, “I do”
Then you’ll know you’ll have me, and I’ll know that I’ll have you
Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true
I don’t want no other love, baby, it’s just you I’m thinkin’ of

Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true
Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true
I don’t want no other love
Baby, it’s just you I, I’m thinkin’ of”

Please click here to read about Elvis performing this song and others on The Ed Sullivan Show.

For a vinyl copy of the record: hound dog / don’t be cruel 45 rpm single

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