Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night 107
December 31, 2016
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night 110
January 14, 2017
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night

Oldies But Goodies

It’s time to relax a little and reminisce with the oldies with the all-request Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night. The songs are on the juke box in our Daily Doo Wop Rec Room. There’s plenty of good music, and it’s always a fun mix of artists and genres.    We are saddened by the loss of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. We also are happy to remember the birthday tomorrow of Elvis Presley. Just click on the juke box and then on the songs you wish to hear.  Many thanks to all those who requested songs!  Many apologies if we did not get to your request. Please let us know, and we’ll try again next Saturday.

Here are the selections for this weekend’s Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night #109:

  1. “Under the Boardwalk” by The Drifters for Pamela Morris.
  2. “One Mint Julep” by The Clovers for Nancy McGowan.
  3. “Nobody But You” by Dee Clark for Kay Hughes.
  4. “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin for Felicia Miller.
  5. “What is Life” by George Harrison for Annette Florczak.
  6. “You Cheated” by The Shields for Susan Poff Wright.
  7. “Endlessly” by Brook Benton for Linda C Williams Markhart and Ruby Spence-Dheel.
  8. “Lonesome 7-7203” by Hawkshaw Hawkins for William Lawton Wells.
  9. “Work With Me Annie” by Hank Ballard and The Midnighters for Paul A Valentine.
  10. “Sometimes (When I’m All Alone)” by Danny & The Juniors for Richard Pinnavaia.
  11. “I Love How You Love Me” by The Paris Sisters for Dave Groves, who writes that it’s “For Connie from Dave.”
  12. “Hootenanny” by The Glencoves for Eugene M. Forbes.
  13. “Music Music Music” by Teresa Brewer for Sherleen Cardwell.
  14. “Green Years” by Eddie Fisher for Georgia Dishman.
  15. “I Only Have Eyes for You” by The Flamingos for Rodrigo Dejesusavila.
  16. “Princess Leia’s Theme” from Star Wars IV: A New Hope for Arturo Juárez, who dedicates it to the memory of Carrie Fisher. R.I.P.
  17. “It’s Magic” by Doris Day for Biff Baltazar.
  18. “A World of Our Own” by The Seekers for Gary Graham, who dedicates it to his girlfriend Margie Spears.
  19. “Blue Hawaii” by Elvis Presley for Linda Piezga.
  20. “Wisdom of a Fool” by The Five Keys for Jerry Sullivan.
  21. “Could This Be Magic” by The Dubs for Jeannette Bennett.
  22. “Someone to Watch Over Me” by Frank Sinatra for Gerri Fitzi, who dedicates it to the memory of a dear friend.
  23. “I’ll Never Find Another You” by The Seekers for Margie Spears, who dedicate it to her boyfriend Gary Graham.
  24. “A Thousand Stars” by Kathy Young & The Innocents for Dlee Wallech.
  25. “Young Love” by Sonny James for Jo Wooten, who dedicates it to Lonnie, Billy & Kathy.
  26. “Every Breath I Take” by Gene Pitney for Sonny Cook, who dedicates it to Sherry.
  27. “Have You Heard” by The Duprees for Ada Perez.
  28. “Raunchy” by Bill Justice for Larry Clark.
  29. “Sweet Talkin’ Guy” by The Chiffons for Mary Stern Weiss.
  30. “All I Have to do is Dream” by The Everly Brothers for Mary Key Marcum.
  31. “Hey Jude” by Wilson Pickett for Paul Bogdan Jr.
  32. “Am I That Easy to Forget” by Debbie Reynolds for Shirley Harris Hawkins. May Debbie Reynolds rest in peace.
  33. “Dark End of the Street” by Percy Sledge for Linda Mullens.
  34. “Blue Monday” by Fats Dominof ro Judith Morrison Hillis.
  35. “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies for Nellie Brown, who dedicates it to Ralph.
  36. “To Be Loved” by The Pentagons for Shirley Butler Schuman.
  37. “Save the Last Dance for Me” by The Drifters for Darren Lamb.
  38. “Stranded in the Jungle” by The Cadets for Gary Weinberger.
  39. “Whispering Pines” by Johnny Horton for Nathan Williams
  40. “(You Gave Me) Peace of Mind” by The Spaniels for Bob Black.
  41. “The Java Jive” by The Ink Spots for James Gallagher.
  42. “Nothing Like a Little Love” by The Solitaires for Charlie Faller.
  43. “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” by The Platters for Billie Patterson.
  44. “Stars in the Sky” by The Chanters for Bob Nelson.
  45. “Tra La La La Suzy” by Dean and Jean for Ken Dusty Havens.
  46. “Dream Lover” by Bobby Darin for Alba Vazquez.
  47. “Take Me As I Am” by The Duprees for Linda Picuri Schmidt.
  48. “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King for Dick Moison.
  49. “Leroy” by Jack Scott for Tony Koziol.
  50. “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” by Wanda Jackson for Edna Gord.
  51. “Midgie” by Jack Scott for James Hegarty.
  52. “Goodbye Cruel World” by James Darren for Rene Bisson.
  53. “Mister Blue” by The Fleetwoods for Allen Mahoney.
  54. “Everyday” by Buddy Holly for Sebastian Riojas.
  55. “Butterfly” by Andy Williams for Bonnie Gatlin Hollingsworth.
  56. “I Believe” by Larry Chance and The Earls for Sophie Herman.
  57. “You’re the One” by The Vogues for Tim Swank.
  58. “I’m Afraid to Go Home” by Gene Pitney for Larry Jeffers.
  59. “The Old Lamplighter” by The Browns for John Konecny.
  60. “Secret Love” by The Moonglows for Pat Pearsall.
  61. “Desiree” by The Charts for John Malloy.
  62. “The Poor Side of Town” by Johnny Rivers for Becky Sue Buchanan.
  63. “North to Alaska” by Johnny Horton for Warren Buchanan.
  64. “Wooly Bully” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs for Greg Catherwood.
  65. “The Twelfth of Never” by Johnny Mathis for Karolyn Sneed Dobbins.
  66. “Sweet Nothin’s” by Brenda Lee for Richard Brass Sr.
  67. “Ballad of a Teenage Queen” by Johnny Cash for Bob Harve.
  68. “These Boots are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra for Marie Maisonet.
  69. “I Go to Pieces” by Peter & Gordon for Shryll Conner Smith.
  70. “Things” by Bobby Darin for Moses Timothy.
  71. “You Belong to Me” by The Duprees for Steve Becsei.
  72. “Windy” by The Association for Charlie Bubenheim.
  73. “Fool Number One” by Brenda Lee for Ernie Martinez, who dedicates it to Nola Lee S.
  74. “Please M.r Please” by Olivia Newton John for Amy Seiders.
  75. “So In Love” by The Tymes for Sandi Chamblin.
  76. “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” by The Hillside Singers for Brian Hartman.
  77. “In the Still of the Night” by The Five Satins for Ilene Itzkowitz White.
  78. “My Guiding Angel” by The Ronettes for Randy Sutton.
  79. “Triangle” by Janie Grant for Thomas E Lee.
  80. “Donna” by Ritchie Valens for Clara Chaires.
  81. “Flaming Star” by Elvis Presley for Robert Florczak.
  82. “Sleep” by Little Willie John for BobandChrist Durdee.
  83. “Sixty Minute Man” by Billy Ward and His Dominoes for Lee Short.
  84. “Cry” by Johnnie Ray and The Four Lads for Phyllis Lagrua.

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The Daily Doo Wop Rec Room has daily featured doo wop music, rock and roll hits, R&B, or rockabilly songs that werewere hits during the first era of rock and roll (that is, from about 1952 until the British invasion in 1964). After a song is featured, it then goes into the juke box. You are welcome to listen to any of the 40+ selections there. Every weekend, there is a Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night, and the juke box is full of song requests from the 1950s and 1960s.

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