Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night 67
March 12, 2016
JImmy Gilmer Sugar Shack
Jimmy Gilmer Sugar Shack
March 24, 2016
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night

Golden Oldies Music

Please join us for an all-request Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night in our Rec Room. There’s lots of good music. It’s always a fun mix of artists and genres, including doo wop, rock and roll, rockabilly, country, pop, R&B, and a little what have you. For some reason, people were interested in Elvis Presley and The Righteous Brothers tonight.   This week we are saddened by the passing of Lee Andrews of Lee Andrews & The Hearts. We are also remember Nat “King” Cole, who would have turned 97 this week. Many thanks to all those who requested songs! Here are 117 of your requests. Please click here to get to our Rec Room, and then click on the juke box to access the songs. Many apologies if we did not get to your request this week. We will try on another Saturday.

Without further ado, here the golden oldies for this weekend’s Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night:

  1. “Long Lonely Nights” by Lee Andrews & The Hearts for Bob Nelson, Julian Shirley, and Pamela Reynolds Rogers. May Lee Andrews rest in peace.
  2. “The Clock” by Lee Andrews & The Hearts for Pat Pearsall.
  3. “Tear Drops” by Lee Andrews & The Hearts for Vickie Vierra Stone.
  4. “Just Suppose” by Lee Andrews & The Hearts for John Blewitt in memory of Lee Andrews.
  5. “Got to Get You Off My Mind” by Solomon Burke for John Sweeney.
  6. “Deserie” by The Charts for Paul Johnson.
  7. “Let the Good Times Roll” by Shirley and Lee for Robbie Welsh.
  8. “Girl on the Billboard by Red Sovine for Ella Moyes and Joe Madrigal, Jr.
  9. “Bristol Twistin’ Annie” by The Dovells for Judy Lawley.
  10. “Talk to Me, Talk to Me” by Little Willie John for Judy Knight-Wear.
  11. “Chapel Bells” by The Fascinators for Felicia Miller.
  12. “Heart and Soul” by The Cleftones for David Mayes and Joy Hall-O’Neill.
  13. “Bald Headed Baby” by Buddy Sharpe and The Shakers for Roseanna Wass Filberto.
  14. “You Made Me Love You (I Didn’t Want to Do It) by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins for Mark Ellison.
  15. “Always On My Mind” by Elvis Presley for Don Schaar and Diana Blackard.
  16. “I Knew You When” by Billy Joe Royal for Carol David Johnson.
  17. “Today, Tomorrow & Forever” by Elvis Presley for Alfreda Barclay, who dedicates it to her husband Billy.
  18. “In the Still of the Night” by The Five Satins for Beverly Schilling Iturbe, Gloria Jean Lee, and Jeanette Lacerenza Harris.
  19. “The End” by Earl Grant for Mitch Hoffman.
  20. “H B Goose Step” by The Rivieras for William De Micheli.
  21. “Fame and Fortune” by Elvis Presley for Maureen Brogan, who writes that this is the favorite Elvis song for her and her fiancé Eddie.
  22. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles for Sandy Pearce and Tonetta Jones.
  23. “Unchained Melody” by Roy Orbison for Verna Forrest.
  24. “You Belong to Me” by The Duprees for Mearil Martin, Mike Marino, and Bob Pothier..
  25. “Night Time is the Right Time” by Ray Charles for Judith Morrison Hillis.
  26. “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys for Barry Worent.
  27. “Hip Hug Her” by Booker T. & The M.G.’s for Rita De Shazo.
  28. “I Believe in You and Me” by The Four Tops for Charley Wagner.
  29. “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” by Mel Carter for David Lane and Brenda Tarateta Vaccarino.
  30. “I Love How You Love Me” by The Paris Sisters for Dave Groves.
  31. “Stay” by The Four Seasons for Thomas R Commins.
  32. “I Wonder Why” by Dion & The Belmonts for Diana Emily Brown.
  33. “Wildwood Days” by Bobby Rydell for Gerri Fitzi.
  34. “The Way You Do the Things You Do” by The Temptations for Linda Massey.
  35. “Just to be With You” by The Passions for Terry McNamara.
  36. “Over the Rainbow” by The Checkers for William Lawton Wells.
  37. “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin'” by The Righteous Brothers for Barbara Wilson.
  38. “The Glory of Love” by The Five Keys for Vicki Leon.
  39. “This Magic Moment” by Jay and the Americans for Willie Fuchs.
  40. “Sailor (Your Home is the Sea) by Lolita for Bob Black.
  41. “Girl With the Bow in Her Hair” by Bobby Vinton for Larry Jeffers.
  42. “I Really Do” by The Spectors Three for Tim Swank.
  43. “You’ve Got What it Takes” by Marv Johnson for Larry Clark.
  44. “Does Your Chewing Gun Lose Its Flavour (On the Bedpost Overnight)” by Lonnie Donegan for Tony Koziol.
  45. “Let’s Go Together” by The Raindrops for Philip Steffy.
  46. “I’ll be Forever Loving You” by The El Dorados for Diane Miles.
  47. “La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens for Robert Taylor and Stephen Martinez.
  48. “Primrose Lane” by Jerry Wallace for June Pyatt Shirley.
  49. “When I Fall in Love” by The Lettermen for Michael Wollner.
  50. “Blue Velvet” by Bobby Vinton for Roger William Davis.
  51. “Unforgettable” by Nat “King” Cole for Jackie Hudson Bowman, who writes that is in honor of his birthday this week, as he would have been 97 years old. This was also for Arturo Juárez, who writes the same dedication, and for Judith Yvonne.
  52. “Searchin'” by The coasters for Susan Poff Wright.
  53. “Love Song of the Waterfall” by Slim Whitman for Lois Bowerman.
  54. “Last Date” by Floyd Cramer for Jacquelin La Chappa and Darla Terry.
  55. “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison for Linda Owings Mullens and David Mayes.
  56. “Not Fade Away” by Buddy Holly for Nancy Vansickel.
  57. “Devoted to You” by The Everly Brothers for Sonny Cook, who dedicates it to Sherry.
  58. “It’s Now or Never” by Elvis Presley for Anna Gaudino.
  59. “Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Johnny Cash for James Hegarty.
  60. “To Know Him is to Love Him” by The Teddy Bears for Carole Baker Emmons.
  61. “It’s Only Make Believe” by Conway Twitty for Lois Landsdown and Linda Tilley.
  62. “Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire for Edward Wallace.
  63. “Peggy Sue” by Buddy Holly for Steve Scobee.
  64. “Maybelline” by Chuck Berry for Allen Mahoney.
  65. “Make the World Go Away” by Eddy Arnold for Marilyn Cooley McGill.
  66. “The In Crowd” by Dobie Gray for Sharon Grady.
  67. “Universal Soldier” by Donovan for Lee Short, who dedicates it to Master Gunnery Sgt. L.M. Jacobs.
  68. “Sunglasses After Dark” by Dwight Pullen for Joseph B. Poisson.
  69. “Tell it Like It Is” by Aaron Neville for Gary Weinberger.
  70. “(You’re My) Soul & Inspiration by The Righteous Brothers for Robert Taylor.
  71. “Here Comes Summer” by Jerry Keller for Charlie Bubenheim.
  72. “Walkin’ With My Angel” by Bobby Vee for Pete Posey.
  73. “Devil or Angel” by Bobby Vee for Glynnelle Jones.
  74. “Midnight Special” by Johnny Rivers for Tom Elliott.
  75. “Baby Oh Baby” by The Shells for Paul Johnson.
  76. “Just a Dream” by Jimmy Clanton for Jean Pate.
  77. “This Time” by Troy Shondell for Rene Bisson.
  78. “White on White” by Danny Williams for Barbara Dull.
  79. “Talk to Me” by Sunny & The Sunglows for Diane Nunes.
  80. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens for Hether Farrell.
  81. “Sad Girl” by Jay Wiggins for George Denelsbeck.
  82. “Myr. Dieingly Sad” by The Critters for Helli Gow Izworkski.
  83. “My Way” by Frank Sinatra for Billie Patterson.
  84. “Nadine” by Chuck Berry for Jerry Sullivan.
  85. “Cry” by Johnny Ray for Gail Brown.
  86. “Daddy’s Home” by Shep & The Limelites for William Workinger.
  87. “Patches” by Dickey Lee for Carol Arbuthnot Fowler and Tonetta Jones.
  88. “The Stars” by The Ocapellos for Mike Marino.
  89. “Soldier Boy” by The Shirelles for Kathy Horton.
  90. “Every Breath I Take” by Gene Pitney for Ozzie Camiolo.
  91. “Silhouettes” by The Rays for Tania Evans.
  92. “The Locomotion” by Little Eva for Linda Smolek.
  93. “Sixteen Candles” by The Crests for Kathy Horton.
  94. “Haunted House” by Gene Simmons for Maggie Pearson.
  95. “I’m Just a Lonely Boy” by Paul Anka for Charles Mckenzie.
  96. “(He’s My) Dreamboat by Connie Francis for Norman Brunette.
  97. “My Guy” by Mary Wells for Gloria Norman.
  98. “Blue Angel” by Roy Orbison for Katherine Gabel.
  99. “Till” by The Angels for Jeanette Lacerenza Harris.
  100. “Jamie” by Eddie Holland for Richard FastBuck Greene.
  101. “Let It Rain” by Johnny Mathis for Shirley Butler Schuman.
  102. “Laugh, Laugh” by The Beau Brummels for Donna Lancaster.
  103. “Rag Doll” by Franki Valli & The Four Seasons for Ken Wasson.
  104. “Stardust” by Billy Ward & His Dominoes for Ned Hood.
  105. “Denise” by Randy & The Rainbows for David Lane.
  106. “Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight” by The Spaniels for Nancy Mcgowan.
  107. “Gee Whiz” by The Innocents for Thomas E Lee.
  108. “Guess Who” by The Righteous Brothers for Donna Nelson Humphres.
  109. “Angel on My Shoulder” by Shelby Flint for Holly Pitts, who dedicates it to her sister Dawn & brothers (R.I.P.) Wade.
  110. “Cara Mia” by Jay and The Americans for Brian Hartman.
  111. “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers for Geri Lockard.
  112. “Red Sails in the Sunset” by The Platters for Sandy Tate Haney.
  113. “Suspicion” by Terry Stanford for Margaret Smith.
  114. “Dear One” by Larry Finnegan for Tali Villanueva.
  115. “Come Go With Me” by The Dell-Vikings for Ann Glover.
  116. “We Got Love” by Bobby Rydell for Elaine Marie Simmons.
  117. “My Girl” by The Temptations for Bud Parnell and Carolyn who dedicate it to son-in-law Gary in Topeka.

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