Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night 71
April 9, 2016
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night 73
April 23, 2016
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Golden Oldies Music

Please join us for an allrequest Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night in our Rec Room. Please click here to get to our Rec Room, and then click on the juke box to access the songs. There’s lots of good music. It’s always a fun mix of artists and genres. Many thanks to all those who requested songs! Here are 73 of your requests. It’s always a fun mix of mainly ’50s and ’60s music. There are golden oldies in many genres, including doo wop, rock and roll, country, R&B, pop, and a little what have you.

Many apologies if we did not get to your request. We’ll try again next Saturday.

Without further ado, here are the selections for this weekend’s Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night:

  1. “A Little Bit of Soap” by The Jarmels for Don Schaar.
  2. “My Hometown” by Paul Anka for Judy Lawley.
  3. “Don’t Just Stand There” by Patty Duke for Jackie Hudson Bowman, who dedicates it to the memory of this talented actress. R.I.P.
  4. “Traces of Love” by The Classics IV for Eileen Stanton.
  5. “I Wonder Why” by Dion & The Belmonts for Randy Sutton, in memory of Carlo and Freddy. R.I.P.
  6. “Branded Man” by Merle Haggard for Pat Thompson. May Merle Haggard rest in peace.
  7. “You Belong to Me” by The Duprees for Felicia Miller.
  8. “Save the Last Dance for Me” by The Drifters for Steve Scobee.
  9. “Reet Petit” by Jackie Wilson for Susan Poff Wright.
  10. “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” by Glen Campbell for Anita Rodriguez, who writes it is “for all the great music we will always remember from Glen Campbell.
  11. “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On the Bedpost Overnight)” by Lonnie Donegan for Anita Rodriguez.
  12. “Moments to Remember” by The Four Lads for Jeanette Lacrenza Harris.
  13. “Under the Boardwalk” by The Drifters for Gloria Brooks and Sheila Sherer.
  14. “Heaven and Paradise” by Don & Julian The Meadowlarks for Mary L. Vergara Erevia.
  15. “Barbara” by The Temptations for Richard FastBuck Greene.
  16. “I Love How You Love Me” by The Paris Sisters for Dave Groves, who dedicates it to Connie.
  17. “With Pen in Hand” by Billy & The Beaters for Pat Spencer Jarrett.
  18. “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone” by Fontella Bass and Bobby McClure for William Lawton Wells.
  19. “Talk to Me, Talk to Me” by Little Willie John for Larry Clark.
  20. “Walk Softly I Say” by Joanna Touchstone for Wililam Brinkley.
  21. “Night Theme” by The Phantoms for Charlie Bubenheim.
  22. “Stop and Think It Over” by Dale and Grace by Sebastian Riojas.
  23. “Here Am I Broken-Hearted” by The Four J’s for Gail Dupre.
  24. “Tenderly” by Billy May & His Orchestra for Nancy Mcgowan.
  25. “Just One Look” by Doris Troy for Paul Bogdan Jr.
  26. “Young Love” by Sonny James for Marie Preston.
  27. “Girl In My Dreams” by The Cliques for Judith Morrison Hillis.
  28. “Tragedy” by Thomas Wayne with The Delons for Herman Cindy Killian.
  29. “Goodnight My Love” by Jesse Belvin for Gary Terrell.
  30. “Sleep” by Little Willie John for Tim Swank.
  31. “Love Letters (Straight from Your Heart)” by Kitty Lester for Bob Black.
  32. “Wonderful Summer” by Robin Ward for Paul Johnson.
  33. “Dead Man’s Curve” by Jan & Dean for Sharon Wilkie.
  34. “That’s All I Want from You” by Jaye P. Morgan for James Hegarty.
  35. “Hey Paula” by Paul and Paula for Sharon Bahr.
  36. “Johnny Angel” by Shelley Fabares for Robbie Sutton.
  37. “Telstar” by The Tornados for Diana Frederick.
  38. “My Girl” by The Temptations for Becky Bianchi.
  39. “What’s Your Name” by Don & Juan for Mary Cecilio.
  40. “The Hucklebuck” by Chubby Checker for Renea Nelson.
  41. “Teen Angel” by Mark Dinning for Hope Glenda Rosenberger.
  42. “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers for Allen Mahoney.
  43. “For Sentimental Reasons” by The Cleftones for Mitch Hoffman.
  44. “Sweet Nothin’s ” by Brenda Lee for Pat Pearsall.
  45. “Steal Away” by Jimmy Hughes for Donna Lancaster.
  46. “Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harum for Linda Mullens.
  47. “Evergreen” by Roy Orbison for Dennis Dow.
  48. “School of Rock and Roll” by Gene Summers and His Rebels for Joseph B. Poisson.
  49. “One Last Kiss” by Bobby Vee for Eugene M. Forbes.
  50. “Deep Purple” by Nino Tempo and April Stevens for Cherin Kurth-Stephenson.
  51. “The Great Pretender” by The Platters for Ray Crabtree.
  52. “Coney Island Baby” by The Excellents for Duave Luckens, who writes taht his parents met at Coney Island back during the previous “great depression” when a handful of candy, a rootbeer, and a stroll on the boardwalk constituted a Saturday Night date.
  53. “Confidential” by Sonny Knight for Thomas E Lee.
  54. “Walking With My Angel” by Bobby Vee for Peg Posey.
  55. “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” by Dawn featuring Tony Orlando for Leon France.
  56. “Come On Over to My Place” by The Drifters for Linda Ammon Walden.
  57. “Baby Love” by The Supremes for Billie Patterson.
  58. “The Stroll” by The Diamonds for Carolyn Coin.
  59. “(You Gave Me) Peace of Mind” by Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge for Rachel Kijewski, who dedicates it “In Loving Memory of Johnny Maestro and Freddy Ferrara.”
  60. “Matilda” by Harry Belafonte for Arturo Juárez.
  61. “Teddy” by Connie Francis for Linda Aldi.
  62. “Guess Who” by Jesse Belvins for David Benjamin Blomstrom Sr.
  63. “This Time” by Troy Shondell for Sandy Wilson.
  64. “Cathy’s Clown” by The Everly Brothers for Karen LaRoche.
  65. “Summertime” by Billy Stewart for Larry Amx Racer.
  66. “It’s Been a Long Time” by The Five Quails for Jeannette Bennett.
  67. “The Legend of Love” by The Legends for Bob Nelson.
  68. “My Heart is an Open Book” by Carl Dobkins Jr. for Michael Wollner.
  69. “Opus 17 (Don’t You Worry About Me)” by The Four Seasons for Brian Hartman.
  70. “I Miss You Already (And You’re Not Even Gone)” by Faron Young for Johnnie Wolenbarger-Tomerline.
  71. “(My Little) Christie” by Bobby Vinton for Linda Piezga.
  72. “Our Day Will Come” by Ruby & The Romantics for Sonny Cook.
  73. “Cowboys to Girls” by The Intruders for Judith Yvonne.

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The Daily Doo Wop Rec Room has daily featured doo wop, rock and roll, R&B, or rockabilly songs that were hits during the first era of rock and roll (that is, from about 1952 until the British invasion in 1964). After a song is featured, it then goes into the juke box. You are welcome to listen to any of the 40+ selections there. Every weekend, there is a Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night, and the juke box is full of song requests from the 1950s and 1960s.

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