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The Platters Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
April 27, 2018
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Chubby Checker Let’s Twist Again
April 28, 2018

Jay and the Americans She Cried

Jay and The Americans She Cried


The sad story in the song “She Cried” was written by Ted Daryll and Greg Richards. It was an early big hit for Jay and the Americans, going to #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1962. The group for this recording had John “Jay” Trayner on lead, Howard Kane, Kenny Vance, and Sandy Deanne. After a few more singles, Trayner left the group and Jay Black replaced him.

Numerous artists have covered the song. There are versions by The Lettermen, The Shangri-Las (which they changed to “He Cried”), Dave Berry, Billy Fury, The Gestures, Rowland S. Howard, David Hasselhoff,  Lords of Altamont, P.J. Proby, Del Shannon, Dodie Stevens, and The Mojo Men.

The lineup for Jay and The Americans has changed over the years. They continue to tour and perform.

Here are the lyrics to “She Cried” by Jay and The Americans:

“And when I told her
I didn’t love her anymore
She cried (she cried)
And when I told her
Her kisses were not like before
She cried (she cried)
I thought that our romance was over and done
But to her it had just begun

And when I told her
Another girl had caught my eye
She cried (she cried)
And when I kissed her
A kiss that only meant goodbye
She cried (she cried)

(sha-la-la-la sha-la-la)

And when I told her
I didn’t love her anymore
She cried (she cried)”

For other songs by Jay and the Americans: “Cara Mia” and “Come a Little Bit Closer.”

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