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February 9, 2018
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Jim Lowe The Green Door

Jim Lowe The Green Door

Rock n Roll

And what is that secret you’re keeping? The song “The Green Door” was written by Bob David (music) and Marvin Moore (lyrics). The singer is intrigued by what’s going on behind the green door of this club. There are a happy crowd, a piano, and smoke, but the singer is not allowed entry. Was the song “Green Door” based on a real place called “The Shack” in Columbia, Missouri, near where Jim Lowe had attended the University of Missouri? Or was it a club for lesbians in London? Or did it have literary origins from short stories by O .Henry (i.e., “The Green Door”) or H.G. Wells (i.e, “The Door in the Wall”). While there have been a number of theories, stories, and urban legends about this mysterious club with a green door, none have been substantiated.

Jim Lowe’s recording is fun 50s pop music. It went to #1 on the U.S. Billboard Pop charts in 1956. (It bumped “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley from the top spot.) In the U.K., it went to #8. There have been a number of covers, including versions by Frankie Vaughan, Gene McDaniels, Geln Mason, Shakin’ Stevens’, Bill Haley and His Comets, and Crystal Gayle, to name a few.

Jim Lowe is from Springfield, Missouri, and has been a singer, songwriter, disc jockey, and radio host. His expertise is with popular music of the 1940s and 1950s.

Here are the lyrics to “Green Door” by Jim Lowe:

Midnight, one more night without sleeping,
Watching till the morning comes creeping.
Green door, what’s that secret you’re keeping?

There’s an old piano
And they play it hot behind the green door;
Don’t know what they’re doing
But they laugh a lot behind the green door.
Wish they’d let me in
So I could find out what’s behind the green door.

Knocked once, tried to tell them I’d been there;
Door slammed, hospitality’s thin there.
Wonder just what’s going on in there.

Saw an eyeball peeping
Through a smoky cloud behind the green door;
When I said “Joe sent me”
Someone laughed out loud behind the green door.
All I want to do Is join the happy crowd behind the green door.

Midnight, one more night without sleeping,
Watching till the morning comes creeping.
Green door, what’s that secret you’re keeping?

Green door what’s that secret you’re keeping?

Green door!

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  1. Judy Lawley says:

    Love this song “Green Door” by Jim Lowe. I love the memory. Thank you for sharing

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