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December 28, 2014
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January 1, 2015

Los Zafiros Bossa Cubana

"Bossa Cubana" by Los Zafiros

Pop Music with a Latin Beat

Golden oldies music with a Latin origin and style was one of the trends during this doo-wop era we cover. Once such group was Los Zafiros (translated into English as The Sapphires). They formed in 1961 in Havana, Cuba, by guitarist and manager Néstor Milí Bustillo and combined American doo-wop vocals and harmonies , which were inspired by groups such as The Platters and The Coasters, with Afro-Cuban rhythms. They were active from 1961 until 1970. The members included Ignacio Elejalde, Eduardo Elio Hernandez, Miguel Cancio, and Leoncio ‘Kike’ Morua. Later, Manuel Galban became the musical director and guitarist. The group’s music wove together a number of musical strands, including bolero, doo-wop, R&B, calypso, bossa nova, and rock and roll. One of their songs, “He Venido,” was featured in the Breaking Bad TV series.

The bossa nova (or new trend), which came from Brazil, was a fusion of samba and jazz. It became popular in the 1950s and 1960s. The song “Bossa Cubana” by Los Zafiros is a very romantic song. The singer of the song is excited and fascinated by the gorgeous, playful, delicious Cuban girl, whose movements are light as a breeze. This samba leads his heart.

Here are the lyrics to “Bossa Cubana” by Los Zafiros in Spanish:

Bossa nova, ven…

Cubanita primorosa,
Juguetona y deliciosa
Bossa cubana
Cuando asoma en la mañana
tu sonrisa de La Habana
Bossa cubana
Con tu suave movimiento
tan ligero como el viento
Bossa cubana
Que me excita y me fascina
Que me lleva y me domina
Bossa cubana

Como noche luminosa
de esta tierra tan hermosa
Bossa cubana
Como el beso de una moza,
coquetona y amorosa
Bossa cubana
Hay sabor y melodía
tiene fuego y alegría
Bossa cubana
Tiene un ritmo que arrebate
Esta samba que me llega al corazón

Here are the lyrics to “Bossa Cubana” by Los Zafiros in English:

Bossa nova, come …
Gorgeous Cuban girl,
Playful and delicious
Cuban Bossa
When you break into a smile
in the Havana morning
Cuban Bossa
With your gentle movements
as light as the breeze
Cuban Bossa
That excite and fascinate me
That lead me and take me over
Cuban Bossa

Like the bright night
of this beautiful land
Cuban Bossa
Like the kiss of a girl,
coquettish and loving
Cuban Bossa
There’s flavour and melody
It’s got fire and joy
Cuban Bossa
It’s got a rhythm that captivates you
This samba that leads my heart

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