"Get a Job" by The Silhouettes
Get A Job by The Silhouettes
May 10, 2018
Lesley Gore It's My Party
Lesley Gore It’s My Party
May 10, 2018
Mickey and Sylvia Love is Strange


Love certainly can be strange – and addictive, too, as the tell us about in the golden oldie “Love is Strange” by Mickey and Sylvia. The song was written and recorded first by Bo Diddley (although credited to his wife Ethel Smith because of a legal dispute with his recording company).  It is based on a guitar riff by Jody Williams. The version by Mickey and Sylvia, which they recorded in 1956, differs from Diddley’s and is known for the conversation where Mickey asks, “How do you call your loverboy?”  Sylvia coyly responds, “Come ‘ere, loverboy.” In 1957, the song peaked at #1 on the R&B Chart and #11 on the U.S. Pop Chart.

The duo were McHouston “Mickey” Baker and Sylvia Vanderpool Robinson. Baker was a guitarist and music teacher; she was one of his students. Baker is one of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of Al l Time. Robinson went on to become a record producer and record label executive.  With her husband Joe Robinson, she formed  All Platinum Record and later was founder and CEO of  Sugar Hill Records.

Here are the lyrics to “Love is Strange” by Mickey and Sylvia:

Love is strange
Lot of people
Take it for a game
Once you get it
You never wanna quit
After youve had it
You’re in an awful fix

Many people
Don’t understand
They think loving
Is money in the hand
Your sweet loving
Is better than a kiss
When you leave me
Sweet kisses I miss

Yes, Mickey
How do you call your lover boy
Come here, lover boy
And if he doesn’t answer
Oh lover boy
And if he still doesn’t answer
I simply say
Baby, oh baby
My sweet baby, you’re the one
Baby, oh baby
My sweet baby, you’re the one”

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