Single of "My Special Angel" by Bobby Helms
My Special Angel by Bobby Helms
April 5, 2018
"Heart and Soul" by The Cleftones
Heart and Soul by The Cleftones
April 6, 2018

The Danleers One Summer Night

The Danleers One Summer Night

Doo Wop

The doo wop group The Danleers were from Brooklyn, New York, and consisted of James Weston, John Lee, Nat McCune, Roosevelt Mays, and William Ephraim. They based their name on that of their manager, Danny Webb, who also wrote this song. “One Summer Night” features fine vocal singing and harmonies as well as some echo to create an atmosphere. The song went to #4 on the R&B Chart and #7 on the U.S. Pop Chart in 1958. Collectors might be interested that the first pressing of the single on Amp 3 listed their named incorrectly as “Dandleers.” The reissue soon after on Mercury spelled the name properly.

Here are the lyrics to “One Summer Night” by The Danleers:

“One summer night, we fell in love
One summer night, I held you tight
You and I, under the moon of love
(Moon of love, yeah)

One summer night, I kissed your lips
One summer night, I held you close
You and I, under the moon of love
You kissed me, oh, so tenderly
And I knew this was love
And I as held you, oh, so close
I knew no one could ever
Take your place, whoa

One summer night, we fell in love
One summer night, I held you tight
You and I, under the moon of love
(Moon of love)”

The Danleers on the cover of One Summer Night

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