Paul Anka Lonely Boy
Paul Anka Lonely Boy
March 25, 2018
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Johnny Crawford Cindy’s Birthday
March 26, 2018

The Fascinators Chapel Bells

The Fascinators Chapel Bells

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The song “Chapel Bells“ was released 1957. The vocal arrangement uses the voices to create the sound of bells.

The Fascinators were a group that came together as did many others by singing on street corners —  in their case, Brooklyn. Group members were Tony Passalacqua, Angelo LaGrecca, Nick Trivatto, Ed Wheeler, and George Cernacek. In the late 1950s, Capitol Records was a label that, with a few exceptions, was not releasing much doo-wop or rock and roll. (Among the exceptions were Gene Vincent and The Five Keys.) However, the manager for The Fascinators had some connections there — and the group was doing well locally. Capitol particularly wanted Passalacqua, but it was all of them or nothing. The Fascinators released a few singles (including “Chapel Bells,” “Who Do You Think You Are” and “Oh Rose Marie), but there wasn’t much traction. Distribution issues, perhaps? Anyway, so goes the music business. Passalacqua went on to a solo career under a number of names, including Tony Richards, Tony Mitchell, and Tony Pass.

Here are the lyrics to “Chapel Bells” by The Fascinators:

Oh Chapel Bells, I hear you ringing,
ringing the song, yes, the song my hearts singing.
Have sympathy, but please send my baby back to me, Chapel Bells.

So many thoughts and memories bringing,
with each note, yes each note that you’re ringing.
Have sympathy, but please send my baby back to me, Chapel Bells.
I hear, I hear your call, you’re calling, calling to me.
I can’t, I can’t explain this feeling oh what could it be?
Well I do, yes do adore them,
well I love, love and implore them,
oh have sympathy, but please send my baby back to me, Chapel Bells.

For another song by The Fascinators: “Oh Rose Marie.”

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