Bobby Darin Dream Lover
Bobby Darin Dream Lover
March 9, 2018
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night
Golden Oldies Juke Box Saturday Night 171
March 10, 2018

The Solitaires Walking Along

The Solitaires Walking Along

Doo Wop

The Solitaires formed in Harlem in New York City in 1953. They were on Hy Weiss’ Old Town label from 1953 to 1964. Group members for “Walking Along” were Winston “Buzzy” Willis, Monte Owens, Fred Barksdale, Milton Love, and Bobby Baylor. Group membership changed over the years, but they have continued to perform for many decades. The footsteps at the beginning of the recording are made by Buzzy Willis and the brothers Hy and Sam Weiss. The song was recorded in 1956, issued on Old Town in 1957, and reissued as an Argo single in 1958. The distribution and marketing was enough to help it become a regional but not a national hit.  It was the Canadian group The Diamonds whose cover took the song hit to #29 on the U.S. Billboard chart in 1958.

Here are the lyrics to “Walking Along” by The Solitaires:

“Walkin’along my merry way
Singin’a song I will be gay
I found a love and love is here to stay
Walking along just feeling glad
Singin’a song I won’t be sad
Oh, happy day
I’m just walkin’along

When I’m walkin’feel just like a king
When I’m singin’I don’t care ’bout a thing
The reason I feel the way I do
You love me, whoo
I love you, who-ooh

Walkin’along my merry way
Singin’a song I will be gay
Oh, happy day
I’m just walkin’along…”
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  1. Bill Rosen says:

    Norman Foxx and the Rob-roys at the same time
    I think it was a (white) cover!?

    Remember “Jocko” Henderson of the 1280 (am)
    rocket in New York? Mid 50s.

  2. bob says:

    Never heard the Soltaires version before. I remember the cover by a Canadian group, the Diamonds in 1958. My favorite song by the Diamonds is “Little Darlin'”, written by Maurice Williams and released in 1957.

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