The Velvets Tonight (Could Be the Night)
The Velvets Tonight (Could Be the Night)
May 24, 2018
"I Understand (Just How You Feel)" by The G-Clefs
The G Clefs I Understand
May 26, 2018
The Diablos The Wind

Doo Wop

The song “The Wind” was written by two members of the group Nolan Strong and The Diablos, that is, Nolan Strong and Bob Edwards. Nolan Strong and The Diablos released it first in 1954 on Fortune Records. The group members were Nolan Strong, Quentin Eubanks, Willie Hunter, Juan Gutierrez, and Bob “Chico” Edwards (guitar). They were an R&B and doo wop¬†group that formed in Detroit. Nolan Strong is known for his high, other-worldly tenor voice. On “The Wind,” his unique voice, the instrumentation, as well as the talking bridge give the record a haunting quality. Other songs by the group include “Adios My Desert Love, “Can’t You Talk This Over,” “Mambo of Love, “If I, ” “Harriet,” “Goodbye Matilda,” “Beside You,” and “Mind Over Matter” among many others. They were popular especially in the Detroit area.

The Jesters did a cover of the song, with the recitation in the middle and all, which charted in 1960 at #110 on the U.S. Billboard Pop Chart. It was more popular regionally on the East Coast.

Here are the lyrics to “The Wind” by Nolan Strong and The Diablos:

“Wind wind blow oooooh oooh ¬†wind wind …[repeat]

When the cool summer breeze
Sends a chill down my spine
Then I long for my love deep within
I know she hasgone but my love lingers on
In a dream that the wind brings to me

I remember as we kissed in the cool summer breeze
As she lay warm and tender in my arms

Darlin’, when a star falls I wish for you;
And darlin’, when I see lovers making love then I long for you …
And when the sun and the stars are shining above the mountains and the valleys,
Then darlin’ I look for you;
And even until the heavens above can no longer exist
Even til then I shall still love you.

I know she has gone but my love it lingers on
In a dream that the wind brings to me.


Please click here for the version of “The Wind” by The Jesters.

If you are interested in the music of Nolan Strong & The Diablos, please consider this from amazon: For Old Times Sake-Complete Early Sides

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  2. JimC says:

    Great track. Also just heard The Jesters version tonight for the first time.

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