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February 3, 2014
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Three Retro Martini Recipes

A Martini cocktail

Retro Recipes

What would the 1950s be without the Martini? This concoction, sorry, cocktail,  provided rocket fuel for our parents in this first era of rock and roll. H. L. Mencken said it was “the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet.” And it was the signature drink of James Bond. Herewith are recipes for three different Martinis: the Vesper Martini, the No-Fuss, No-Muss Dry Gin Martini, and the Dirty Martini.

The first recipe presented here is for the Vesper Martini as Bond describes it in the book Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. Bond preferred it served in a Champagne goblet — if one could be found, of course.

3 measures of Gordon’s Gin
1 measure of vodka
½ measure of Kina Lillet (now called White or Blanc Lillet, a dry vermouth)
A twist of lemon

It’s shaken over ice – never stirred – until very cold. Add the twist of lemon.

*  *  *

The second recipe is my father’s No-Fuss, No-Muss Dry Gin Martini.

Prepare 1 hour before serving:

1 cup good Gin (e.g., Tanqueray)
¼ cup dry white vermouth (e.g., Noilly Prat)
A twist of lemon

Pour the Gin into a Pyrex measuring cup. Add the Vermouth. Stir gently. (His Martinis were never shaken and always stirred.) Place a small plate over the cup and store it on a shelf in the freezer.

Serve very cold. Add the twist of lemon. Never drink it before 5:00pm or you’re an alcoholic.  Of course, one could always rationalize that it’s 5:00pm somewhere…

*  *  *

The third recipe is the Dirty Martini. It’s great if you like olives.

1 1/2 oz Vodka
1 splash olive juice (brine from the jar of green olives with pimentos)
1 green olive with pimento

In a shaker with ice, add the Vodka and olive juice. Shake gently. Strain into a Martini glass. Drop in the olive.

*  *  *

Now that you have your Martini, please take it into our Rec Room to enjoy with something on the Record Player, the TV, or the Jukebox.


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